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Stokke® MyCarrier™
The organic 2 in 1 baby carrier:
Stokke® MyCarrier™ grows with your child without compromising on comfort or ergonomics for your baby or you. For baby, the adjustable seating position supports bottom, thighs and pelvis using the natural “Happy Hips” position. The Stokke® MyCarrier is made of organic cotton textiles. Organic material is especially good for children since they can be more sensitive to substances they have thus far not been exposed to. 

Main harness and front carrier for carrying baby from 3,5 kg/7.7lbs or 53 cm/21 inch.
First facing inwards, when your child can hold his/her head.
Un-aided it can be used facing outward. Every child is unique, but a rough guide is around >4 months.
When facing inwards the child has the "Happy Hips" position, broad seating with good support of back, buttocks and thighs.
Always make sure that the baby has enough space around month and nose to be able to breathe normally.
Babies need variation, we recommend limited time in MyCarrier™ to 10-15 minutes in the beginning.


Pocket on both sides for keys, cards, etc.
Product serial number is available on a tag in one of the pockets, for registering in the extended warranty database.
Care label is situated in one of the side pockets.
To fold the harness when travelling, remove the additional back support to make it more flexible.

Technical information:

Gross product weight in kg/lbs: 2.39/5.27
Net product weight in kg/lbs: 1.41/3.1 
Front carrier suitable for weight in kg/lbs: >3,5 / 7,7
Front carrier suitable from child length in cm/in: >53 / 21"
Materials: Organic cotton textiles, plastic and aluminium buckles, aluminium back support.


You have chosen a natural product made of GOTS certified organic cotton. The coloring process is also environmental friendly. When washing the colour will fade, similar to a jeans. Stains can be removed with a damp cloth.
Remove carabiners before washing. Use detergent without bleach. Gently spin-dry. Stretch when wet to keep original shape. Dry flat at room temperature, away from sunlight or direct heat. 
DO NOT tumble dry or iron. 
Front Carrier: Front carrier can be machine washed at 40°C. 
Main Harness: The main harness can be handwashed at 30°C. Remove the aluminum back support before washing.


Organic textiles and no harmful substances The Stokke® MyCarrier is approved by
The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). That means that all textiles are made from organic fibres and all chemical inputs such as dyestuff¬ and auxiliaries meet strict environmental and toxicological criteria. The Global Organic Textile Standard also ensures that the production of textiles is carried out according to environmental and socially responsible manufacturing. Rest assured in the knowledge that this product is safe for your baby, for you and for the environment.


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Stokke® MyCarrier™ Front Carrier

Stokke® MyCarrier™ Front Carrier

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